Jeep CJ Steering Box upgrade

My steering box on my CJ has been declining over the last couple of years and is to the point of providing very little assist when turning left.

My first thought was to get another factory CJ box, but I spent some time doing research to see if I could find another box that I could adapt to get more power out of.

Enter the Hummer H1 box…


What you are looking for is an A1 Cardone 27-7595, I bought mine on Amazon after not being able to find one locally at my usual parts stores. I paid $210.38 for mine, with no core charge.

This box will bolt directly into a CJ, and hook up just like the OEM box. – Note – This box uses metric O-ring fittings, if you have a 70’s CJ you will need to adapt or change your lines to use this box.

The Hummer box has a larger internal piston which should provide more steering power. It is also a variable ratio box, which means that the further you turn the wheel, the faster the tires turn. Lock to lock, the factory CJ box is 4.1 turns, the Hummer box is 3.4

Technical specs on the Cardone 27-7595-

Steering Box Type: Power Assist
Hose Port Type: O-Ring
Return Port Thread Size: M16 x 1.5
Pressure Port Thread Size: M18 x 1.5
Number of Mounting Holes: 4
Output Shaft Diameter: 7/8 x 14
Total Turns Lock to Lock: 3.4
Color/Finish: Black
Pitman Arm Included: No
Package Contents: Gear Instruction Sheet, Flushing Instruction, Instruction Tag, Sealing Kit
Input Shaft Type: Single Blank and Groove
Input Shaft Spline Count: 31 + Flat & Notch
Input Shaft Diameter: 0.88″
Product Condition: Remanufactured
Pump Rotation: Standard

The OEM application is a 1996 AM General Hummer H1

I didn’t take many pictures of the process, mostly because I was feeling lazy.


Here is my old OEM CJ box.

This is the Cardone 27-7595

Here is a side by side showing that the Hummer box compared to the CJ box.

Here is a picture showing my heavy duty steering box bracket mounted to the new box

I used all new hardware for the reinstall, and used red loc-tite on the bracket bolts


I haven’t been on a trail with it yet, but it already feels better than my old steering box.

The difference in ratios in the box is very noticeable from the OEM box .


This thread on Jeepforum has a very detailed write-up of the installation procedure ->