How-To … Build your own rear bumper

Here is new rear bumper I am building.
It will have a 2″ receiver, spot for safety chains, tow tabs welded front and rear, spindle for a tire carrier, and also be an air tank.
I did all of the welding myself, and had my dad inspect a lot of it to make sure it doesn’t look like it is going to come apart.


To the pictures!!!

Old bumper torched off, but with old tow hook still hanging on.


Here is my design of the standoff for the bumper tube, cut from 2×4 box tube 3/16″ wall, base plate is 3/8″ and was later drilled and tapped for 9/16″ bolts


here is a picture of welding in the 2″ receiver


clevis mounts tacked in place


Couple of pictures from after I welded on the mounts and tow points – I wanted the tow points in line with the frame rail, which made mounting a bit of a pain, but I got it done.


Picture of the other side at the same stage, you can see my air fitting on this side, looking back, I should of put this on the drivers side, because it interferes with the gas tank on this side, oh well


Here is what the safety chain plate looks like


Here it is welded on top and bottom




A friend of mine helped me out by drilling the 1 1/4″ hold for my tire carrier spindle, and was nice enough to mig weld it in for me too! bumper10

In primer!


Attached to the Jeep.


I also put my old tow hook on, haven’t used this thing since the bronco days!


This is the basic layout for the new spare tire carrier


I made a pair of frame tie in brackets out of 1/4″ material and used 7/16″ bolts to tie the bumper into the framerails, we all know how the stock CJ crossmembers hold up over the course of 20-something years.

All 1/4 inch material – 3 inch angle iron with a piece of 2 inch flat stock butt welded to it, and then i took another piece of flat material and welded length ways to relieve stresses that a vertical weld can cause.

Passenger side


Drivers side