About Us

The Schoharie County Jeep Club, Inc. was formed in 1974 and Incorporated in 1975. We have approximately 29 members, several of them still active from the beginning. We are a social club as well as a riding club. The club owns over 50 acres of vacant land which is used for riding, meetings, camping, and hunting for members only.

We were best known at one time for our involvement in the ice racing sport. We ran very successful ice races on Summit Lake for several years. The races drew competitiors from several states and Canada. It was a 2-day event, and we had on-site motel and restaurant accomodations. Saturday evening was trophy and band night. Unfortunately, due to insurance requirements and ice conditions, we stopped running the races a few years ago. We miss those days as much as the competitors do. We made a lot of great friends and had a lot of fun doing it.